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85 fires level entire city blocks in the motor city while devastated residents can only stand and watch. small church, big controversy. plans to burn the koran on september 11th. secretary hillary clinton, the pope even angelina jolie now weighing in. what happens in vegas gets you on youtube, especially when a lion at the mgm grand turns on its trainer and this guy was just freelancing. plus -- >> this is better than thanksgiving. >> what could be better for a texas first grader at the start of school. the moment she first saw her soldier dad after more than a year in iraq. good wednesday morning, i'm chris jansing. live from msnbc world headquarters in new york.
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what we're seeing out in michigan and colorado is nothing short of horrifying. out of control fires ripping through homes and destroying neighborhoods. look what happened in the city of detroit just four hours, 85 separate fires. high winds up to 150 miles per hour spread the raging flames from house to house. you combine those winds with hot, dry weather and downed power lines and you have the perfect storm for disaster. every available firefighter was out trying to get things under control. but the size and number of the blazes was just overwhelming and residents were left to watch their houses burn. >> i had to do what i could. i'm not a fireman, but i can help them point the hose and direct it to the problem. i done what i could. >> my men have got to pace themselves at this point in time. >> i don't have a place to go if that house burns down and i'm going to lose everything. >> it's really bad. you can't hardly see.
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>> detroit officials think most of those fires were caused by downed power lines, but two separate investigations under way. and the red cross is helping dozens of people burned out of their homes. most of the fires are out and the winds, again, are going to kick up today and that has people fearful that there could be more fires. meanwhile in one of the most beautiful cities out west, firefighters are battling a fast-moving wildfire. this is boulder, colorado, where a blaze burning out of control has scorched 77,000 acres. so far 100 homes have been destroyed and 1,000 more evacuated. in just a few moments, we'll have a live report from colorado on those fires. a major commotion aboard a flight from bangkok to los angeles because of a bomb threat scrawled on a bathroom wall. just imagine the scene, 18 fire trucks and fire engines on standby when that plane touched
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down and then passengers were hauled off the flight and interviewed while bomb technicians screened luggage. nothing at all was found and all 200 people were let go. things got really ugly between cops and hundreds of protesters in los angeles last night. police arrested 22 people after demonstrators hurled eggs at police cars and other people threw things at police station windows. it all came about after increased tensions caused by an lapd officer who shot at an immigrant. police fired nonlethal foam projectiles at the crowds. we'll continue to follow this situation out of l.a. the anger and condenation. a statement from the vat knl today called the plan "an
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outrageous act." in largely muslim pakistan actress angelina jolie told reporters, i have no words. leaders from the state department and the u.s. military to the head of his laumic society of north america are also calling on pastor terry jones to reconsider. >> i'm heartened by the clear, unequivocal of this disrespectful, disgraceful act that has come from american religious leaders of all faiths. >> top u.s. commanders in afghanistan were warn the koran building could put u.s. soldiers at risk. kerry sanders is at the site in gainesville, florida. what is going to go on saturday? is this group going to still burn the koran? are they able to do it? >> this is called the dove outreach center and the pastor jones, as you mentioned, has a congregation maybe of 50. they claim they're going to gather in the field here in
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front of the chunrch and they'r going to set up a stage and make speeches and then they're going to take the korans, which they have already purchased. some they say were donated. they're going to put them, they say, into a pit, light them on fire and burn them. but there are hurdles that they're going to have to clear that are just hurdles that have to do with the community here. the city of gainesville has an ordinance that the police say would prevent them from starting a fire like that. apparently the ordinance allows them to have a camp fire, but it has to be of twigs and branches. it can't be books. so, the fire department is going to be standing by and in the event they try to light the korans on fire, then the fire department will put them out. with all of that said, the great concern here is one of the image thatgrets transferred around the world and specifically into the islamic world where americans, even if this is considered a fringe group, americans are taken to koran and burning the
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koran and that even if they put it out, the image that goes out will be somebody flicking a flame on to the koran. the state department is, as you just noted, watching this extremely closely and the local police, as well as the state police are getting also some influence here from the department of homeland security, which is also planning on having folks here. so, there's a lot of attention at this point pastor jones says he's going forward. however, he seems to have cracked the door to walking away from this by saying that if he hears from his god telling him not to do this, well, then, he won't do it. chris? >> so, stand by, we will wait and see. kerry sanders, thank you. i want to talk now to nbc terrorism analyst roger. a big debate is brewing by the comments made by hillary clinton ray ordierno was on "today" show they. they feed off of hate and fear and they will use this to
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generate more hate. what is your take on this? >> i think that is right. chris, the real tragedy is this ignorant fool has been given his 15 minutes of fame. he has already achieved his objective. >> should people like general petraeus not have waded into this, roger? i think for a lot of news organizations and a lot of news programs like this one we ignored it until people as big as the commander in afghanistan and the secretary of state get involved in it. >> so, this is where the balance is. because i think general petraeus said the right thing because he's dealing with real world violence in afghanistan and he has an obligation to make clear to the afghan people what his view is on this. the problem is, of course, you have this guy here who is truly irrelevant and if he does go forward with this burning, it will have an effect. it does not have an effect on any of the true believers of the united states, but it will have
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an effect in that segment of the population that is still on the fence whether the united states, the narrative, that al qaeda and others paint us with are accurate. if you combine what this guy is doing with the legitimate and emotional debate over the mosque in new york city, that narrative is going to be used by other people and be used for very, very bad purposes. >> thanks, roger. good to see you. >> you, too, chris. president obama and the house minority leader john boehner are going after each other in a war of words over how best to jump start our failing economy. in just a couple of hours, president obama will officially unveil his solutions during a speech in suburban cleveland. boehner has come out preemptive strike with his own proposals calling for a freeze on all tax rates and to reduce spending to 2008 levels. >> what that will do is help small businesses who have no clue what the coming tax rates are going to be. gives them some certainty and if we're able to do this together, i think we'll show the american
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people that we understand what's going on in the country and we'll be able to get our economy moving again and get jobs growing in america. >> if mr. boehner believes that we have an extra 35 or $70 billion to spend on tax cuts, let's talk about tax cuts that will actually prime the economy. >> nbc mike viqueira is live at the white house. so, mike, we passed labor day and things are officially escalating. two things i want to ask you about concerning this speech. one is the specifics of the speech, which are going to be debated out there in the country. will it move the country forward? also these reports that the president who we saw a couple days ago getting feistier than we've seen before is going to start making this all more personal. what can you tell us about both of those things? >> chris, you really read my mind. the first thing i wanted to say is that we have now begun the campaign season and that
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spirited speechifying is going to be coming from both republicans and democrats because the stakes are very high. most experts, a lot of respected experts, anyway, are giving republicans a better than even chance of winning the house of representatives and that will require a 39-seat swing and the stakes are high and it's getting kind of desperate here in washington politically. the president goes to cleveland today, it is a response to john boehner who two weeks ago when the president was vacations in martha vineyard's called for the president's economic team. the president very explicitly going back to cleveland because john boehner was in the white house said as much. infrastructure spending, he wants to front load $50 billion and get it into railways and things of that nature and wants to expand tax credits, as well as when businesses invest in new equipment capital financing, a tax credit for that, as well,
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chris. >> thanks so much. we want to let folks know that the president will carry the remarks live. they are scheduled for 2:10 p.m. eastern time and then live analysis at 3:00 p.m. with ohio senator sharon brown. back to those fires that are raging out of control in colorado. nbc miguel joins us live from boulder at the base of the fire and, miguel, how are things looking right now? what is being done to fight the blaze? >> well, chris, good news off the bat. the weather here seems to be cooperating. it's relatively cool, although it's still early in the morning. temperatures aren't expected to be excessively high today. what firefighters are most thrilled about this morning are the calm, calm winds here. you recall when this fire first broke out on monday, gusts broke out 30 miles per hour. that fanned the flames why some 92 structures were consumed and among those homes nine homes that belonged to firefighters
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and 7,700 acres charred. the governor here declared a state of emergency. 1,000 people are still evacuated. told they won't be able to come back to their homes for two days. 11 square miles of land have been completely burned and this fire still slowly marching towards other areas where more evacuationeds could beered oered. chris, the cause of this fire is still under investigation and they say it's possible, it's possible that a car collided into a propane tank may have actually sparked the fire. chris? >> thanks, miguel, stay safe. this morning bp is taking some of the blame for the gulf oil disaster and we'll tell you who else the oil giant is pointing its finger at. will white house staff rahm emanuel leave his boss and run for mayor of chicago and who would take his place as the president's right-hand man or woman? known for her outrageous outfits, lady gaga may have taken it too far on the japanese
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developing now, we're just getting word out of a meeting in washington where the lead investigator for bp talked about the results of this investigation and what he found was that eight separate failures had to happen for the company's deep water well to cause the largest environmental disaster in history. so, eight separate things had to go wrong. now, we had just gotten the long-awaited report from bp on what went wrong to cause that spill in the gulf. nearly 200 pages long and the
10:18 am
company admits its workers, "incorrectly accepted" that's their term, the results of a pressure test. for 40 minutes it was experts from another company, transocean, who just didn't recognize and act on an influx of hydrocarbons into the well. that, they say, might have been able then to have stopped off the flow of that oil and the disaster. we should say transocean has complained loudly, repeatedly. they can't come to their own conclusions because bp isn't turning over the information they need. the government also has an investigation ongoing, as well. the headline out of that briefing is that separate failures did occur to cause that massive spill in the gulf of mexico. got a cigarette? well, according to the centers for disease control, one in five adults still light up regularly. smoking has held steady pretty much since 2004. last year, about 21% of american
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adults were smokers. the cdc points out that smoking causes 443,000 premature deaths every year. oh, boy. an article in the current issue of "psychology today" is sparking talk for looking deeper into statistics that parents of girls divorce more than parents of boys. wait until you hear the conclusion. now, the author tracks three different studies. they conclude, first, not only is the divorce rate higher for the parents of daughters, but, second, divorced women with girls are less likely to remarry. and, finally, unmarried couples are more likely to get hitched if the baby is going to be a boy. what is that all about? is it simple sexism? the author doesn't think so. moms of daughters are just less likely to tolerate bad boy husbands and since women offer more social support than men, mothers with girls are less likely to feel alone if they are
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divorced. what do you think? i have a studio full of men ask they're not buying any of it. speculation running rapid. mayor daley says he is not going to run for another firm in 2011, but time is ticking. emanuel needs to make a decision soon because of filing deadline. how big a shake up would this be for this white house? >> morning, chris. a pretty big shake up given the fact that rahm emanuel is really such a unique personality in washington. really larger than life figure and i think to have him depart would be a change in the dna of this white house. on the other hand, i think a lot of people thought that emanuel was going to leave. he told people earlier that he viewed it as an 18-month job or two-year job for someone and really you would burn yourself
10:21 am
out after that time and, of course, we're past 18 months now. regardless whether the mayoral race came open, a lot of people were thinking that rahm would move along. >> he has always been an outspoken kind of guy. who would be happy about him leaving and who would be sad? >> i think that, you know, the main groups that he's clashed with are sort of traditional liberal based within the democratic party. the net roots have had a lot of collisions with him over both economic policy and issues like national security policy. >> they think he's too willing to compromise? >> yeah, they think he basically anticipates the republican framing of those issues and immediately jumps to a very centrist position without trying to figure out whether there is a way to pursue a more liberal view on issues like guantanamo or issues like the size of say a
10:22 am
stimulus plan, that type of thing. >> politico has a list of possible replacements and i already heard about 15 names. is there betting money on one or two? >> there are a couple who are sort of jumping out on the list. one is tom daonalin deputy national security adviser. doesn't have a high profile in the white house in terms of public profile, but believed by a lot of folks to be running the national security team on a day-to-day basis. very well respected and definitely a quiet personality compared to rahm emanuel. other names we're hearing the vice president's chief of staff and another long-term democratic operative. very well respected around washington and another fairly quiet personality, one who is known, both figures known to get along pretty well with the press
10:23 am
corps the way emanuel has and valley jarrett who is a long-time friend to obama. some would doubt she would get tapped for this job. >> how would the general white house staff take that one? >> you know, i think there are people who would wonder whether she's the right person to be negotiate atding with the congress and things along those lines but might be well received by folks on the liberal community who didn't like emanuel that much. >> thanks so much. we have to see if he is going to do it. do you think he's going to do it? most around the white house think he will jump in. this would be the time to take a chance on it. the prime minister from britain tony blair is under fire. he canceled his book launch party for tonight. and we always talk about the american oobesity problem. well, what about animals?
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and you got to hand it to her. she knows how to get publicity. lady gaga and her raw meat bikini riling up advocates over at peta. she is known for her out there wardrobe, but look at this cover of japanese vogue where he is in raw steaks in a bathing suit and then a slab on her head. no matter ow beautifully it is presented, flesh from a tortured animal is flesh from a tortured animal. she is trying to lose weight
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to catch a man, not lady gaga and not a human man. this orangutan weighs 220 pounds so she's going on a diet. she just arrived at monkey world in the uk after she spent 13 years as a pet in south africa. the ape weighs double what she should and trainers are putting her on a fruit and vegetable diet so she can be ready to meet a new man and have a family. that's my interpretation of that little statement. john mccain surprised a lot of people when he picked sarah palin to be his running mate, perhaps none more so than his own daughter. wait until you hear her comments about her dad' choice. it's not pretty. fishermen knew they had a good catch off the coast of the bahamas when they reeled in a tiger shark. [ woman ] nine iron, it's almost tee-time...
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here are some of the top stories we're watching for you. detroit residents are sifting through ashes of what were once their homes. it sparked more than 85 fires in four hours. mother nature may finally be cooperating in colorado. the weather is better today for firefighters who are trying to gain control of these nasty wildfires that forced 3,500 people out of their homes. and president obama laying it all on the line today in ohio, where he'll pitch a trio of economic proposals. the administration hopes they'll increase business and consumer confidence and also give democrats some help in november's midterms. the florida pastor who plans to burn the koran on september 11th is refusing to back down despite international outrage we heard from secretary of state hillary clinton, the vatican and even actress angelina jolie all calling on terry jones, the pastor, to abandon his planned protest and u.s. commanders in the mideast says it could put
10:33 am
the lives of u.s. troops at risk. terry jones says it's not -- >> we could feel terrible that that would be a disaster and be beyond words. but we would not, we're not responsible for that. why don't we point the finger at us. why don't we point the finger at them that people who did it. >> mark tesler is professor of political science at the university of michigan and he joins me from ann arbor. thanks very much for being with us and we heard from the commanders in afghanistan from the dangers of u.s. troops as they see it. how do you see this playing into the larger debate about politics and culture in the arab world? >> sure, that's an important question and all the reasons that petraeus and others have been citing are really important in terms of our troops and in terms of the many muslim
10:34 am
american soldiers that are there and all of this is really more than enough to question this very unfortunate act. there is really a larger strategic interest, as well, that maybe hasn't been talked about and that is that we have very important alliances in the region in the context in our fight against terrorism and in the context of our concerns of iran and the israeli/palestinian conflict and in all of these we need the support of our allies and they, in turn, they, in turn, will be under pressure from their own populations. >> let me ask you about that. i know you looked into this. we have a poll that just came out yesterday, nbc news "wall street journal" poll, they hold a favorable opinion of muslims but just 53% and more than one in four vary or mostly unfavorable and what do we know about those folks that we talked about, critical to those relationships, how do they view
10:35 am
americans? >> that is interesting. definitely a strong majority that has, i'm talking about people in the middle east who have a very positive view of the united states with respect to our culture, society and american people. they don't like our policy and they're not happy with some of the things they're doing in the region with respect to israel and pakistan and overall a very positive view of the united states, but this is being eroded. there ask a minority, some cases a small minority and in some cases not terribly small that is arguing that american is anti-islam. america is not truly a democratic society. and are making arguments to the people who would support us, both in the government and among the main stream and the population that they really should back away from any alliances with the united states and we're giving them all kinds of ammunition. >> i was going to say the imam behind the islamic center in new
10:36 am
york wrote an op-ed. i am very sensitive to the feelings of the families of victims of 9/1 1, as are my fellow leaders of many faiths. we will accordingly seek the support of those family and the support of our vibrant neighborhood as we consider the ultimate plans for the community center. our objective has always been to make us a center for unification and healing. and i'm wondering exactly where you think this debate might be going because he sort of stayed out of it for a while and indications that they weren't going to change their plans. where is this all heading for us? >> i think it's hard to take this out of context and look at it as an isolated event. people will disagree about whether or not it's going to achieve its purpose. i'm sure very sincere purpose of being a force for moderation and
10:37 am
tolerance and dialogue and bringing people together. it comes in the context of this larger discussion in the united states about how we think about islamabad and how we think about muslims in america and along with the poll you sited in the beginning, very unfortunate trends. the question to ask is, where are people getting this information and islamic terrorism and islamic radicalism from many main stream clerics and intellectuals and scholars throughout the muslim world. very little of this is reported in the united states, mostly of what we hear is, why aren't they speaking out? they are speaking out in many voices and we don't always hear this. >> is there a reverse happening. there are people hearing about the voices of moderation in the united states as opposed to the pastor of a 50-member congregation. >> yes, that's a very good point and the answer is yes, but there is a discussion going on with
10:38 am
people who of bad faith arguing that those voices arant sincere. a friend of mine has been monitoring blogs in the middle east and one thing that he said is very encouraging with the statements that mayor bloomberg in new york made about in support of the cultural center or the mosque in new york. and how heartened people were that a public official who is responsible to his constituency and may conceivably be under political pressure, nonetheless, took a principle stand and, sure, these voices are getting out there and making different argument sxooz the extent that ordinary citizens are listening to different voices, we're giving ammunition to the people who want to undermine the kinds of positive attitudes that are there to begin with and that are reinforced by the kind of statements that bloomberg sxuthers have made. >> professor mark tesler, thank you very much, we appreciate it. >> my pleasure, chris. we're learning more about
10:39 am
the devastating acid attacks that left two women from different states with serious burns on their faces. police are on the look for suspects. they just released a sketch of the second suspect. they hope that someone will recognize this woman who, they say, threw acid. the acid burned her face and shoulders. the other victim lives 1,300 miles away in vancouver, washington. just a few days before valarde was attacked in arizona, she says a woman she doesn't know approached her and said, hey, pretty girl, would you like to drink this before throwing acid in her face? a sketch of a second suspect was released in that case. th two fishermen in the bahamas have the surprise of their lives when they discovered a human body. well, human body parts inside a 12-foot tiger shark that they
10:40 am
caught. according to police, the remains appeared to be several days old. it's not clear whether the person was dead or alive when eaten by this shark. a trainer looks fine one second and the next he's fending off an attack from a lion. the lion lunged at his trainer, it's posted on youtube. the trainer needed stitches in his leg. mgm resorts says they will not confirm that. tony blair has postponed another launch party for his memoir named "a journey." anti-war protesters followed blair to a weekend signing in dublin hurling projectiles at him. fears that guests in london would be subject to the same demonstrations prompted that postponement. a first grader hadn't seen her deployed dad in almost a year but then she got a surprise that made her day. daddy's home. the specialist surprised her at her school in north texas.
10:41 am
he had just spent the last year in iraq. look at that. the soldier left on his daughter's 6th birthday last year, but the surprise left most of the adults in the classroom in tears. >> i just feel real happy that he's here. and real excited because i haven't seen him. >> teachers told the kids they were taping a reading lesson when the soldier walked in. that is a happy, happy situation there. here's this situation, snooki from "jersey shore" on mtv is facing charges of being criminally annoying. but unlike the popular reality show. her scheduled court appearance on wednesday will be 100% real. she faces disorderly conduct charges of being a public
10:42 am
nuisance and annoying others on the seaside heights beach in july. megan mccain tells america what she really thinks about her father's former running mate and it involved shedding tears. guys listen up, scientists say they identified the moves that men make irresistible on the dance floor and they have the animation to illustrate it. are we all watching now? this move, not hot, not hot. look how slow he is. staring at the ground. who wants to get with that? now, these moves, hot, hot. pretty obvious this guy is a lot more rhythm. is he doing the running man? [ mom ] i can't start the first grade with her.
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dramatically lowering blood pressure may help some african-americans with kidney disease, according to a new johns hopkins study. intensive pressure therapy resulting in the 25% reduction in kidney failure. we want to take you live to sacramento county, california, where there is a tense and dangerous standoff between police with an armed and wanted man. you can see it is happening outside the mcdonald's. the suspect is in the car. he is wanted in washington state. he appeared to be, at least from some close-up pictures we saw on the phone talking to deputies. there's a special weapons unit there and a tactics team in the area. you can see that all those police cars have his car
10:47 am
surrounded and, at one point, he quasi-seen throwing some things out of his car. we don't exactly know what they are. they say it's a stolen car and we also saw a police officer and a dog hunched down behind their police cars. so, we'll continue to follow this story for you out of sacramento county, california. megan mccain unplugged. the daughter of john mccain tells jay leno what she really thought when her dad picked sarah palin as his running mate in the 2008 presidential race. >> like the rest of the country, i had no idea who she was and i was actually like crying on the bus on the way to the rally. i remember being on stage and distinctively remember, don't let her have any skeletons in the closet. i was just carescared. i didn't know her. >> what was your initial reaction? >> my initial reaction was who is sarah palin, like everybody else. you know. >> emily writes the column
10:48 am
"heard on the hill." she's dishing on sarah palin. is she just an easy mark or just another sign that sarah palin sells books because that's what we're all talking about. >> obviously, i think everyone loves this story. the conflict between two women. two atrackive women that aren't afraid to flaunt their sexuality. we love that story line. we love a cat fight. we want them to have a cat fight in a hot tub somewhere. it's unfortunate, but that's the reality of it. >> she does dish on a few things. >> she does. called dirty, sexy politics. i was disappointed because there wasn't that much dirt and wasn't that much sex, unfortunately, for salacious leaders like me. i was flipping through looking for the sex but she avoided any kind of campaign because she was aware of the controversy that it might cause her father and damage the campaign. but it's interesting.
10:49 am
she's an interesting character, she's frank, she's funny and she's not afraid to take on some of the day at ease of the gop. she does take swipes at sarah palin. she takes swipes at karl rove and the sort of christian right. it's an interesting story of the backdrop of the campaign that things went on that we never saw. it is an interesting read and, honestly, the sarah palin stuff isn't the most interesting part of it at all. >> the most interesting question i have to ask you, did you just type in -- >> i did the washington read. you know, where we just kind of flip through and we're looking for proper names and then i'm looking for sex or drugs or whatever is going to make this interesting. >> rock 'n' roll. >> exactly. that's how we do things in washington. we look for bold face names and then we start over and maybe read a little bit more. >> emily, good to see you. >> good to see you, too. from a funny situation, really, to a serious one.
10:50 am
we continue to follow that breaking news for you out of sacramento county. here's the situation in california. you have what police say is a stolen car and the suspect in it who is armed, wanted, dangerous. they've been talking to him. he was seen talking to a cell phone and we believe that he has been talking to deputies. you can see they have him surrounded outside of that mcdonald's there. he is wanted in washington state. they have a special weapons team, a tactics team, a lot s.w.a.t truck pulled up. they are trying to defuse what is, obviously a very volatile situation there. we don't know who this guy is or what he's wanted for or something as simple, as simple, i use that term fairly loosely as a stolen car, but they've obviously seen a gun of some sort because they say that he is armed. a police officer and a dog hunched down behind a police car.
10:51 am
nbc analyst clint is with us now. clint, tell us what negotiators are doing in a situation like this. >> well, you're trying to do a number of things, as you know, from covering these over the years. you are trying to stabilize the situation. you don't want this to go bad on you. you're trying to get all the innocent civilians out of the way and you're trying to make sure he can't hijack a car at gunpoint. once you have a situation stopped when you're at one location, the last thing you wanted to do was go mobile. then it just, it really compounds the situation to law enforcement. so, they want to keep him in one spot and make sure he can't hurt anybody else or get his vehicle or another vehicle going and then they want to start negotiations and during the course of negotiations, you're just trying to bring down, bring the stress and anxiety level down to the point where hopefully he lays down his gun and does what law enforcement ask him to do. >> clint, if you can stay by. we'll continue to follow the situation and take a quick break, but a man armed,
10:52 am
dangerous, wanted by police in a standoff with them outside this mcdonald's in sacramento county, california. host: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance? did the little piggy cry wee wee wee all the way home? piggy: weeeeeee, weeeeeee, weeeeeee, weeeee weeeeeeee. mom: max. ...maxwell! piggy: yeah? mom: you're home. piggy: oh,cool, thanks mrs. a. anncr: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more.
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sacramento county, california, where sheriff deputies are involved in a standoff with an armed man who they say is in a stolen car. we've been able to see that those police cars are surrounding the car he is in. he has been on a cell phone. we believe he is talking to sheriffs deputies and he is talking to trained experts who are trying to defuse what is, obviously, a very volatile situation. they have all the experts out there, special weapons team, a tactics team and other police officers are there with their guns pointed at the man who they say is armed and wanted. we'll continue to follow this developing situation for you in sacramento county. that will do it for me, i'm chris jansing. i'll see you back here at 3:00 eastern time. senator sharon brown joins me
10:56 am
with immediate reaction to the president's economic speech in cleveland. tamarron hall is here to pi things up. >> right now we're keeping an eye on detroit and it is smoldering. firefighters spent an entire day putting out 85 blazes that started in a four-hour period of time. the latest on the investigation and the homes destroyed. plus, will chief of staff rahm emanuel be leaving the white house to make a run for mayor of chicago. i'll talk with long-time chicago reporter lynn sweet. if he makes the move, how soon does he need to do it? crash test for car seats. they're supposed to keep children safe, but wait until you see the results of a new test. [ male announcer ] at e-trade, investing means taking action with professional-grade research. and some of the most powerful,
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i'm tamron hall. right now the pastor who wants to burn koran is refusing to back down despite requests from high-profile leaders. now, the pastor

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